San Diego

Hey all! 
With almost 10 days I have seen already so much. Feeling so blessed and happy! The weather is quite hot tho, September really heats up in here. It is SO beautiful city, the landscapes , the ocean , the beaches - you name it. I have already fallen in love to this location. I live in the Pacific Beach neighborhood which is really close to the beach. We have been sort of exploring the areas, already went to the Sea World too which was really cool. The sharks made me almost pee in my pants. Everything is huge in here so if you want to go the Zoo or Sea World etc you gotta take many different days for that because there's a lot to see. I also went to the Culture Shock Dancing Center. They had their 12th of Anniversary so the classes were free for couple of days. These classes are really intensive!!! I love it though , people might eat unhealthy stuff around here sometimes but they make you work out Full which is so good. I almost had a heart attack and my body is in pain today, but met some cool people and will start to take classes there. Can't wait to go to L.A. for some classes too, Tricia Miranda is one of the coolest choreographers whose class I really wanna take!

Anyway, the food in California is so good, I might never come back .. 

Alright, people in Estonia - good night to You and people in California , Good morning!

Who has not seen this , you just have to!

Pacific Beach
Sea World 
La Jolla
San Diego Downtown
Fashion Valley
Culture Shock Dance Center. 40 minutes before the class - it was full afterwards.
On my way home - the same highway goes to L.A. too


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