St Petersburg is really quiet and a bit dull town, although really beautiful. Haven't had that real American feeling yet though. Feeling relaxed and happy here and gotta love the food. I thought it's gonna be so unhealthy, but I've only eaten healthy stuff so far. The fruit plate is the best. I need to get in shape as soon as possible because TransferWise lifestyle (love you all) got me 5 kg heavier, haha - I am serious tho! I am happy I started with a right foot, but hope to stay that way!
I went to see Straight Outta Compton the first day I arrived - I just had to. I was hoping for more action though, but still loved it. It's coming to the Estonian theaters on the 12th of October - that sucks! Muahahahaa (evil laugh) :D

Flying to San Diego tomorrow, so excited!


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