Here I Go ..

Since I was 15 my dream was to go to the States. I've never given up on my dream and haven't taken a mini trip there to tease myself, because I know I wish to be there longer. Well, here I go now, scared and excited at the same time, but I am doing it. What I am trying to say is, make your wishes come true, even if they take longer then expected - it means it just has to go that way. 
If you feel lonely or feeling that things are only going down, think about the good times and things. Go to the nature, try to find yourself, try to find the happy place in your heart. Happiness only comes within yourself and I've learned it the hard way. Do, how you feel in your heart it's right. Take crazy trips, lose your important things like I, show your family you love them, share your time with your friends, if you got pets then love them like it's their last day on earth. That's when it's real, because when you are happy, positive things attract you. 
Oh I am writing this post on a Friday night (28.08.15), I don't feel like going out at all. I don't find 
these things amusing at the moment, there's just something else on my mind now. 

So, follow my journey. I hope you understand that when I share my pictures with you, it means a lot to me.  It is hard for me to say the right things out loud, I much rather tell my story with my pictures or send you something stupid or share a song with you, that's when it is real. When I share my chocolate with you, it means even more, because food is my addiction, lol! Actually I hate it when I am stressing out - I am the type who eats a lot, though I eat anyway all the time. That's why I've never been too skinny but I am proud of my curves though.

Alright, please let me know if you have some things you want me to post more or hear more about (postitusi ka eesti keeles?).

OH! I forgot, one funny thing. My mom asked me out of excitement, ''Helena, how are you gonna use the internet there?'' - Mom I am not going to the forest, hah! :) Love U!

Thank you everyone for your support, I Love You All and see ya when I see Ya. 

California, here I come.. but first stop, Florida.

Photos: Celin Lannusalu


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