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Happy Valentine's Day

Hi loves,
Hope you will have a wonderful day today, with a date or not.

In San Diego, there's a massive rainstorm. It was pouring the whole night and hasn't stopped.  Our bedroom looks like a cave because it is so dark outside, I barely slept because it was so noisy.
It's never been raining like this here, honestly I wish it would be snow instead.
 I mean, I don't mind the rain, but when it's too much it's not good.
Besides this weather here, let's have a beautiful Valentine's Day. Give kisses to your pets too, they are always there for you. 
Dedicating this picture to my Valentine, whom I love so much.

" How we need that security.
How we need another soul to cling to,
another body to keep us warm.
To rest and trust, to give your soul in confidence:
I need this.
I need someone to pour myself into."

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