The Real Me

Just reading about Gemini sign here. These are some of the things about me and they are really true. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about my zodiac sign is that 'two-minded sides'. It's really hard to make decisions sometimes and I feel like I got 2 hearts inside of me, lol. Otherwise, not bragging, but I am happy to be a Gemini. We can be confusing and freaky but when we love, we love with all of our heart.
 Oh, and it's dope that Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. and other great human beings were/are Gemini too.
Have a great Wednesday / Hump Day everyone.    

's twin ability allows them to see right through people. One look at you and they know exactly who you are inside.

easily lose interest in almost everything. It has to be special enough for them to give their constant attention.

When you piss a off, be prepared for them to never deal with you again.

When a loves you, they love with all they have.

are very independent. Sometimes they will suffer in silence before they ask anybody to help them out.

A will always be able to make you laugh.

will like you better if you give them freedom and space.

When a is done with you, there is no coming back.

can be really pissed one minute and then be so calm and happy the next.

When a is hurt, they won't let you know. They'll put on their best smile and try to move on.

You must catch a 's mind before you catch their heart. Their mind is the hearts key!

waste valuable time worrying about shit out of their control.

Playing a is not a good idea. Before you decide your 2nd move, they're on their 5th!

gets irritated by jealous bitches.

are irritated by being bored. They will watch candle wax drip if it keeps them entertained

is irritated when they are forced to sit still. They are explorers in life and in love.

When gets high the other twin comes out.

gets irritated by slow reactions to anything.

will try anything once and if they like it, they'll do it again.

's dont need you. They can please themselves just fine, thanks.

A cannot fake a connection. If they don't like you, you will know.

can go through periods where they feel depressed and antisocial for what seems to be no reason at all.

like to keep their private life private. What you know about them is usually what they want you to know.

Once a comes to the decision that you're full of shit, they will break ties with you immediately. No questions asked

don't like to ask for help, they believe they can do everything on their own.

will simply ignore those who have upset them rather than trying to get even. Moving forward is their priority.

would rather come off as an asshole and keep it real with you instead of being fake and telling you what you want to hear.

All a needs from anybody is the truth. They can accept it and handle it. What they cannot handle are lies.

It's not easy being a because they think a lot and tend worry themselves over the slightest things that matters to them.

get irritated very easily. People often mistake their irritation for anger. Stop being irritating, they'll stop being irritated.

can always see right through your lies and will continue to sit back and observe you.

pay attention to EVERYTHING

When a tells you how they feel, they mean it. It takes a lot for them to truly open up to people.

A will ask you a question they already know the answer to just to see if you'll tell the truth.

may play dumb at times, but in truth they know what's really going on.

are reciprocal, if you treat them good, they'll treat you so much better.

are naturally closed off. So, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable & have deep conversations with you, you'll know it's real.

don't chase after people. If you want to be there, you'll be there.

can be the sweetest and caring but most cold and stubborn person you've ever met.

can be in the best mood ever. But once they start over analyzing their thoughts, their whole mood can change completely.

This is my other Gemini, my other half. I miss her SO much. I wish her the best, especially in her studies, cause we Gemini's dislike school but love learning though, lol, like we all.


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