Face Care in Winter

1. Cleansing

Cleansing is an important routine to be followed all through the year regardless of what season it is. In winters especially, you can limit the number of times you wash your face from 3 times to 2 times and alternatively cleanse your face with cold milk and cotton ball to cut down on excessive dryness.
2. Scrubbing

Scrubbing is essential for all seasons too! But for your winter months your scrubbing routine needs some changes. Avoid daily scrubbing as it may cause severe abrasion and make skin even drier. Follow the routine once or twice a week with a mild exfoliating scrub.

* My favorite cleansing/scrubbing product is Garnier Pure Active charcoal scrub. When I don't have this one, I use regular white sugar and squeeze some lemon drops in it - baby skin face.
3. Toning 
Toning in winter is recommended - it is a must for all those who have aging and sagging skin concerns. Otherwise you can leave your pores open in winter for more oil secretion.

* My favorite toner is Sensyses cleanser from Sesderma and 'Puhas Loodus' cucumber cleanser (Estonian product).
4. Moisturizing
Moisturising is not just essential for very dry, but regular skin type must indulge in this routine too. You can indulge in natural moisturising by using warm almond or extra virgin olive oil and use it as a night massage routine. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with your normal cold cream or lotion too.

*My favorite moisturizer is Biodroga Puran Formula 24h face cream for dry skin.


Drink plenty of water since it’s essential to keep your body and skin hydrated in the dry weather.


The sun may be hiding in winters but it still manages to peep through the clouds allowing the UVA and UVB rays to harm your skin, so never skip on your sunscreen application part.

*My favorite product for that part is Lumene CC cream because it already has 20SPF in it, so it's easy and perfect.

7. Facial Masks

There are a hundreds of ingredients in your kitchen, out of which you can use for your face.

*Avocado has extreme moisturising properties, it’s good for hair as well as for face.Use mashed ripe avocado on face for about 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water. Apply a light moisturiser instead of a toner.

*Mashed ripe banana is a great moisturising agent for your face. Take 4 to 5 tablespoon of mashed ripe banana and massage it on the face. Wash off after 10 minutes and give your face some massage with honey, go in circular motions for that extra moisturising feel. Do so for at least 10 minutes and end it on the right note by using a toner.

*In a small bowl, mash 2 to 3 ripe strawberries into a pulp. Stir in the honey (you can use only strawberry too tho) until you form a fairly smooth paste. Apply the mixture onto your face in a gentle circular motion. Massage the mask onto your face for atleast 2 minutes. Leave on the mask for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water first then cold water to close off pores. The alpha hydroxyl acids in strawberries helps control oil production on the skin surface, keeping pimples and blackheads away. 

I just did 'banana mask' to myself, feeling super soft now, hah. If you have more questions about face care or some other, don't hesitate to ask. 
Here's one 'throwback thursday make up'  picture which I posted today on instagram too. I love the 'cold look', I think I have make up products for that on the blog, but don't remember for sure, sorry.
Okay, take care you all and enjoy your Thursday night.


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