Work Hard Play Hard

Hey guys! Weather is getting amazing here so I am more positive. I have actually something good to share with you, that one of my dreams came true as an make up artist. BUT I want to take baby steps and keep some things to myself 'til they are totally clear. Next week is Finest Awards in Stockholm (in Cafe Opera) and I am doing make up there. Which is kinda so awesome and I'm still surprised, happy though. It is an big event where all the amazing bloggers and other famous people from all over the Sweden are getting together and going to be awarded by the results of their readers.  
Some of the names that maybe you've heard: Victoria Silvstedt, Kenza, Blondinbella, Paow, Hugo Rosas, Jenny Str√∂mstedt, Avicii, Rebecca Simonsson, Marie Sernehold.  
I am going to stay for the event after as well so trying to figure out my outfit, it's already on Wednesday. Excited and scared at the same time. 
Anyway, I want to say that if you really want something then you will get it if you put your heart into it. Nothing worth having comes easy, I know that and I've earned my patience. 
Have a great upcoming week, enjoy the sun! :)

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