It's over nooooow..  We came to Stockholm on Saturday with friends and it felt really good to be back. Home trip to Estonia was pretty nice too. I had fun by being a substitute teacher for a class called 'Dance Fitness' and had a cozy time with my pets and of course with my family and friends.
DRAKE's (and The Weeknd's) concert , this Saturday, was just superduperrr!  I was not expecting so much from him on a stage, so I was surprised. It feels like it was just a dream, it all ended so fast. After the concert we went to the city to have an after party. Everybody got super drunk of course, but it was worth but now it's time for a alcohol break again. 
Thank you for the great time, Everyone.

..And one video from me as well, the quality is kinda okay but it's small though. You can see us in the video too.


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