Finest Awards

Thank you all for the cool event. It was so colorful and fun, something really new to me as well. Haven't seen so many ridiculous, awesome, stylish, people at the same place - same time. I arrived there at 15 o'clock, watched the rehearsals and then started to do make up. Everyone were really happy with their make up. After that I joined the event and had some fun in the backstage. I like that the Swedish artists are so humble and welcoming even more than some bloggers. Even the organizers were so kind to me, one of them borrowed me a dress because I forgot my outfit home, yes it's so me, thanks again Jasmine. The afterparty started after 22 and then my friends joined me there as well. My feet were killing me, those heels though, so we went to a Soap bar after that. The feeling from changing heels to sneakers, holy heaven. We danced a little and then went home and landed to my bed at 4am. 
Hugs for Thursday!

Soap Bar

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