Scary Naughty Halloween in Grand Hotel

I just had a super cool weekend, I haven't had that much fun for a long time. On Friday we had our sweet friends Roksas BDAY. We were out for a dinner and then went dancing. I couldn't stay very long because I had a make up job on Saturday but still had some quality time with the girls. Aaaand Saturday I was suppose to help friends just with halloween make up but it ended up me staying there for the party as well. We arrived to Saltsjöbaden Grand Hotel in the afternoon, had some lunch and drinks, met people. I think that there were approx 250 people for the Halloween, the whole hotel was booked for the event. When everybody was ready with the make up, then the fun started for real. It was so cool that people really made an effort to look extra awesome and SCARY. The dinner was great, everybody were dressed up and I think already almost drunk at 21.00, haha. It was so so fun, I met some very awesome people.
More better quality pictures from the event coming soon. Then you'll see more costumes. 

Thank You All!

My team - make up - Me
And one birthday flashback from Friday, I did Roksas hair and make up. 


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