Behind my ..

 I couldn't imagine myself not to feel or see this world around us. I am so happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to do that because many of us can't. I love to take photos and capture every moment in life with my eyes and heart. The only thing that separates the dreams from reality is when you feel the present things in the right time. You just breathe in... acknowledge what's in front of you and you let it right through you, I think that feeling is breathtaking. Sometimes I feel like I shoud've been a wild animal in the jungle or anywhere where I could be free.. Or sometimes we just feel so stuck in this reality and forget the real beauty around us. I love our nature and I love the air we're breathing.. It just gives me.. aah how to say it.. a new feeling of a feeling in a feeling of a life.. Understand? If not then we're just different. :)

Autumn is always in my heart, too bad I ain't got my camera always with me, so the pictures are done with a phone camera.


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