Do I miss Tallinn ..

Mmm.. No! But I miss my lovely Shrek friends, haha, you know though. :)
Finally I feel better and more stable. Last week I had my first customers as well and next week going to cooperate with a photographer. This just makes me happy and excited. As always I feel like home in Sweden and every day it just gets better, because you're getting to know the surroundings more and more. In the end of October I will go to the school to study Swedish, now I've been usíng the vocabulary that I know. I am happy that I learned little bit of the language and did homework with that part, because it's more easy for me now.

 Some random picture from Summer, just like that sweater with one of my favourite colors. Just to remind people not to wear only black in the 'dark winter time'. :)
 Autumn leaves in Stockholm.
 Got these awesome headphones from WESC - We Are the Superlative Conspiracy (store in Stockholm). They said these are the best DJ headphones, so I was like, okay I really need those. The sound is really good and they look cool as well, just a little touch of heaven. ;)

If you're interested you can order them from here: 


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