Sugar and lemon trick :)

My favourite homemade facial and body scrub is with sugar and lemon. Sugar scrub recipes are easy to mix up in a couple of minutes. When you want to clean your skin and lighten it at the same time one of the neatest ways to do it is by using items you already have in your kitchen. Lemons are natural skin exfoliators and using them in your sugar scrub will give it an additional boost. This scrub can help with age spots, freckles, sun spots, ance, blackheads and dull looking skin.
How to: Take 1 lemon and roll it on the counter while pressing. This will “mush” the inside of the lemon so that it will be easier to extract the juice. Now, just cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a small cup or bowl. Mix with an equal amount of water. Begin by adding a tablespoon of white granulated sugar into your the lemon water and stir. Continue adding small amounts of sugar until a paste is formed. Use it in the shower. Try it, and let me know how your skin feels later. 


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