Beyoncé Pulse and Shooting

Got a new fragrance for myself: Beyoncé Pulse possesses an energy unlike any other. It moves through you, around you. Never fading as it surges, pulsates and electrifies. The woman who wears Beyoncé Pulse is impossible to ignore, exuding sensuality and strength.
Top Notes
Sparkling top notes of fresh Pear Blossom, effervescent Blue Curacao accord and frosted Bergamot.
Heart Notes
A sophisticated floral heat of enticing Bluebird Orchid, delicate Peony and fragrant Midnight Blooming Jasmine.
Base Notes
An irresistible dry-down of warm, opulent Madagascar Vanilla, seductive Musk and sensual precious Woods.

Today we started to shoot the "Astu Nagu Gangster" video aswell. 

 Kenny is organizing


  1. can see the more photos?

  2. I'm sorry, but I can't understand you..

  3. I would like to see more photos "Astu Nagu Gangster''

  4. Can't reveal too much, and it was only day 1. :)

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