Pool For Days

Hi loves,
What is better than pool in the Summer!? 
On Friday we went to my friends house with my dog Apollo.
I am trying to make Apollo jump in the pool, because he is a good swimmer.
 I've been throwing him in and then swimming with him. He loves water, but the thought of going in the pool scares him. I hope one day, he'll lose the fear and be happy to swim with me. He is so freaking cute though. My husband is in Canada right now, so we are extra cuddly with Apollo. 
I mean, everybody loves him. He is like sent from above, my little black Angel. 

I can't believe it's going to be August already, seriously.
It's my first real Summer in California, because last year I was in New Hampshire for those 3 months.
I love everything that's going on, but sometimes I think Summers can get too boring. 
I love to be busy and active all the time, boredom kills me.
So what else you have for me, Summer?


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