Meet Apollo

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer to the fullest.
I promised to post about our dog Apollo who we got over a month ago.
Apollo is a Shepherd / Labrador mix and he is about 7 months old. 
One Sunday we decided to check out some shelters and see if they have any puppies available. Not so many shelters have puppies and when they do, it's first comes first served. When we arrived to the shelter in Rancho Santa Fe, there was only 1 puppy left - Hemmingway. They told us he was adopted before us and brought back. The people who had him, were older and weren't ready for a puppy. I've had 2 dogs previously since they were puppies, so that's what I've always wanted. We took Hemmingway for a walk and tried to see if we connect - he was awesome. We decided to take time to think and have lunch, but once you leave the property you lose the priority for the dog. We did leave though, but only drove for a mile. I couldn't decide, but deep inside I knew it was my dog. We flipped a coin and it said no, so my husband made a decision and we drove back. 
 I am so grateful we did, and I don't understand the people who couldn't handle his cuteness.
We didn't like his given name, so he became Apollo - like the boxer.
He is the best birthday present!
He has been a great puppy, he is smart and caring. He loves people and other dogs.

I am so grateful to have a dog in the house. I am not ready to have kids yet and I think having a dog first is perfect. Dogs are big responsibility, but they love you no matter what. Kids on the other hand - you never know, hah!

Stay tuned for the journey with our creature. 
He does have an Instagram account that you must check out - @MeetApollo

Have a great weekend!

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