From West coast to the East coast

Hi loves!

Sorry for being away for a while.
 I moved to the East coast a week ago and a lot has been going on. 
Life is so ironic, I was missing my home a little bit and traveled to New Hampshire which reminds me a lot of Estonia. The nature and the whole environment is really similar, just without my family and friends. I like it here so far, there's a lot of exploring to do and I can't wait to visit New York already, I have been waiting this for my whole life. 
I am a bit nervous getting 26 on Monday, 25 feels like you are still young but 26 is getting closer to 30, haha. 
Life passes by so fast, but we have to enjoy every moment and make the best out of it. 
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Summer so far. 


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