I think that's the last time I will say that I am getting older, because it's one step closer to 30 again. YIKES!
All good, just kidding or just having a mid 20s crisis. I don't know. 
This year I have been doing the most in my life than ever. I have seen so many places, gone through bad and good experiences, learned so much and found something what I have been always dreaming of.. (Can you keep a secret? Good - So can I. )
It takes a lot of courage to be away from home. I remember when I went to Stockholm for a year and I didn't stay in touch with so many because everything was so new and cool. 
When I went back home I refurbished my relationships but I think I am doing much better this time when being away in the States. I think it's also part of getting older and realizing what is really important and what's not. 

Thank You everyone for wishing me well, I had a beautiful day. I hope you did too.
It's pretty awesome to live in the States and have 2 birthdays because of the time difference.
Another year older, but definitely wiser this time. 


Beautiful dress from Pretty Little Things in Portsmouth.


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