High on life

Hey loves, how's everyone?

Instead of having one day of Valentine's Day, why not make it a two or each day!?
 I got to go to Mexico for the first time and was I so surprised because I felt like I wanted to just stay there. The Food and drinks were so good it made me think of moving, lol. 
Mexican veggies and fruits taste so good - they are just like in Estonia where the food is more real than in USA. I am happy to be back home though, San Diego is most definitely one of my favorite places in the world but I wouldn't say no for a week or two in Mexico.

Alright, Hugs for everyone and make every day count!

 Dinner at Mister A's restaurant in San Diego downtown.
 Dress from Naked Wardrobe. www.nakedwardrobe.com 

Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.

 Hotel Calafia, Rosarito.


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