Bye February

Hey you!
I had a really busy time last week. I am so glad that my friend came to visit me though, even if it was only for couple of days. We had a great time and I tried my best to show her as much as I could. 
It was not so great to have a finger infection though - even the doctor couldn't figure it out if I was bitten by a spider or something else, smh. Anyways, my hand is getting better now and everything's alright, just freaked out about it when it happened.
Acting classes are going good too, I only had 2 takes for the commercial this time, not 7, lol. Gotta long way to go though. I really appreciate the attention of random people who have come to me and said ' I would be a great movie star', without knowing me. That's really sweet, but I gotta believe in myself more to make it there.

Happy 29th of February, be good and take care!


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