Merry Christmas!

And so the year has almost gone by again. 

I've been in San Diego for over 3 months now. I am so happy to say that I've seen so many beautiful places in such a short time. I do enjoy and love California but there are times when I look at the people and ask myself, how they are so laid back here. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't. I just get angry when I have to sit around in one place and do nothing. Yes, we all need a nap sometimes - but I mean every day? Dude, that's just too much. 

At the same time when I am little pissed at Californian people I am happy at the same time. I have always been the worrying type and in a need of getting things done quickly.. but as it turns out it only stresses me out and makes me nervous and negative. So to be honest, California is just the place for me at this time in my life to understand to take it more easy and not to overthink. 

So what else, uhhmm.. I am going to spend today with my 'half Estonian half Swedish' friend and her family. I am so glad that I met her, we can talk about everything and we get each other which is such a blessing for both of us.
Californian girls have not caught my eye yet (I mean as friends, haha) and unfortunately I don't think it will happen because we are just so different. I have had a great time with girls from Sweden, Brazil and Russia. I think that Californian girls just don't click with that European or Scandinavian blood. Anyways, maybe we will - stay tuned! 

Positive thoughts. 
aaand Merry Christmas!

 Tried my best to make the Estonian cookie cake but the cookies here are not good. I got some Italian brand to make it work, really hope it will be delicious tho.

I love this song! No Christmas song sharing this year haha. Still feels awkward to have Christmas with palm trees. But I am happy :)

This is my favorite from his new Royalty album tho. He did such a great job!


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