Flashbacks to 2015 Part I

I got nothing much to say right now.. so I will just leave comments under every picture.

Photoshoot with Celin. Loved working with her.
She was like heaven sent.. miss her!
With my family in Parnu. Summertime.
We hated these costumes we had to dance in.
Still hating but we killed the show.
Before the show.
Mornings with him. I miss him.
Found my glasses from 2011. Thought I'd be cool for a second.
When she came to visit from Sweden the same day I had my glasses on. .
I just loved my hair. 
He's just being a King.
I love you mom!
You're my all time favorite, yet I don't say it often.
But I love you all!
Getting shit done in TransferWise.
Zup Musu!
I miss you the most!
These girls taught me so much with a little time.
Blue eyed freaks.
Kaidi turned 25 and left us but I left too. :(
Rommi - you know!
Thank you Celin!
Don't know how to get my freak on anymore but at least I'm trying.. lol!
Why so serious!?
Bye Kaidi!
You know how it is!
Loving denim.
Spring in Riisipere - my home!
After seeing Channing Tatum again.
Hit 25!



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