I went out for the first time in downtown yesterday. It was really cool night with my friend. Visited the Parq ( and some other bars. It felt kinda like a carnival out there. People are really laid back and chill. The clubs and most bars close at 2 AM. You can't have alcohol from bars after 1:30 or something, but at least I got a great slice of pizzaaa. 
My feet were killing me though, the cardio hip hop teacher really put us WORK yesterday. I almost can't get out of bed but I love my beautiful legs haha. No pain no gain right..
OH, what I love about the bars and clubs here is the restrooms - always clean and full with products to look beautiful 24|7. Sorry Estonia, but your toilets cannot be even compared to these ones here, lol! I am serious though, gotta appreciate the little things right. Who wants to go to a restroom when someone has puked there!?
Anyway, enjoy your Saturday and Prive toilets tonight, hahaha Sorry! :)

 That was scaaaary!


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