31st is near

The Halloween is near!!! I am so excited to have my first real Halloween in the States. Went to the 'Party City' store yesterday after the DMV office. There's just so many outfits and ideas to choose from, like seriously! 

I had to be at the DMV office (Department of Motor Vehicles) for 4 hours yesterday. The waiting lines are crazy, but I am happy that I passed the written test straight away without any problems. Now just have to wait for the driving behind the wheel test and then I am all settled. Had a great day today at the beach. La Jolla beach is really beautiful but the waves are quite big there. Don't remember if I mentioned that I got smashed from the waves the last time I was there. Haven't just used to this but you know I love water though!

Alright, sweet dreams from California and good morning Europe! 

Oh. I am probably gonna get a heart attack because the Halloween costumes are so scary here, hah! Have some ideas for my outfit too but I am not gonna tell you yet. 

 Got some random dude here, hope he doesn't mind.


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