All Smiles

Sorry for haven't been here much, just focusing on other things in life right now. I got up at 6 AM, so I enjoyed the be-a-uuuutiful morning today. The Sky was like a rainbow marshmellow or something. I'm in love with the Sky, lol. 
Hope you all are doing good though. I love the fact that we are getting closer to Spring every day, especially because it's my favorite season. My birthday is on the last day of Spring too. Anyway, tomorrow I have one event where I'm going to be a model, have no idea about the details though, gonna be fun or terrible. No mediocre situations.
Have a great weekend you all!

 Oatmeal with freshly made strawberry jam. I used frozen strawberries ( some blackcurrants too) and added little bit of Stevia for the sweet taste. 
Two sides of the story - Gemini
Photographed by Celin Lannusalu


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