Organic Cosmetics from Greenshop

People from Da Vinci Cosmetics gave me some of their new products to try out to see how I like those organic cosmetics from Germany. There's some information in the pictures so I am going to write a little review.

The new organic brand is called 'Calendula Nativ'. It is from Germany and made only 100% in Germany.
Since I don't have a bath at home they gave me dusch mousse and body butter, I chose the fragrance.
The fragrances are very different, doesn't matter the age, you can still find something you like. I have the gray color body butter which is mix up with 'orange' and 'ginkgo' ingredients.
This body butter is really great, because it's very moisturizing and easy to use. But it is quite thick so it's better for 'cold times', when skin needs the most care of dryness. If you have very dry skin all year long, then I recommend to use this all the time and you will be happy with the results. If you use this butter and go for a swim then after getting out of the water the butter will still be on your body.
It's little bit funny because the butter looks like a deodorant bottle yet it's not. Very easy to take with you and it can be applied for every part of the skin. I took the one what has 'orange exract' in it, because this is good to use after sunbathing as well, it will calm the skin down. The most important for me is that it's very easy to use and the level of moisturize is fantastic. The price for the body butter is 8,90€.

The dusch mousse I got is from line Fashion (the pink one). Again very easy to use because it is already a mousse, you don't have to rub it or what ever, you just press it and the mousse is there. So it's for lazy people, haha. The feeling was good and refreshing. Price for the dusch mousse is 7,90€.

You can find their products from Greenshop in Tallinn (Rävala pst 6).
More information in their facebook :


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