How you doin?

How you been my sweet readers? I have been so away, I mean literally with my mind, I have been living like in my own bubble and still am.. Always thinking ' how to', ' what to' , ' when to' etc, my mind is never empty, it's like thunderstorm there. I am sorry if I haven't given much attention to important people or someone who have needed me. I still love you all very much though..
I did so beautiful hairstyles on graduations and I haven't been posting nothing to my blog, sorry for that (I'll do it in couple of days). My mind is so 'phucked up' right now.. trying to realize what it is that I want in life, but hey we got time, or do we?
Hopefully in September or little bit later I want to start a new blog '', where I am going to post everything, from make up to fashion, lifestyle and (living abroad?). It's gonna take time so I am not sure how fast we'll manage it. I think and hope that many things fall together in Autumn, I mean where I am going to live and some other things as well. 
My mind is so unsteady and changeable right now, one day I want nothing, other days I want everything, like whatever let's go to the States now or where ever.. I just really, really hope that there comes some kind of a sign what to do and I'll do it, because i't so confusing at the moment. Especially with Sweden, because July is so freaking steady and calm month, people are taking vacations, so life begins in August again..I am just so impatient in some things but I'm angry at myself too, because I haven't focused on studing Swedish lately. At first I had sooo big motivation and then I just slipped away and now will continue again!
I hope you all are doing fine and are happy. Remember, live in the moment and smile. :)

 Pictures from yesterday, love this new shirt.


  1. need jalad, need jalad, need jalad. daamn girl...


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