Perfect Summer Coverage

Representing the latest technology, this unique 6-in-1 foundation is light and yet it provides good coverage. It spreads evenly, following all contours of your skin and smoothing out uneven skin color and redness. One product has several features, a handy solution for consumers who like a product that is easy, quick and comfortable to use. The end result is a semi-matte, flawless and even-looking skin. Your skin will feel fresh and light, and you can trust that your makeup will stay on all day. Three shades: Light (for fair skin), Medium (for medium-fair skin) and Deep (for more tanned skin). 30 ml.

CC Cream's 6-in-1 properties:

*  Foundation – a fine but well covering formula. The shades are designed to neutralize the color of red    areas.
*  Concealer
*  Primer
*  Illuminator
*  Long-lasting
*  SPF 20

This is my new favorite one in my make up bag. I think many of you have used BB creams and now are curious about this CC cream. You know that BB cream didn't had much coverage, rather it was just a day cream with a little color in it. I myself like this CC cream more because of it's coverage, so you don't have to use foundation, only this product and you're ready to go. It makes the skin feel fresh and smooth (like no- make-up-on-your-face feeling).
But there is one negative side from me, that if you have more of a dry skin then definitely put moisturizing day cream under, because this product tends to be more for normal/oily skin. If you use good moisturizing cream then it's for everybody and the result will be great.
I use the 'Deep' color, I tried the medium as well, but it was too light for me, maybe in winter medium would be better. If you want the coverage be strong like for evening make up, then you can use little bit of this CC cream and then put foundation on top of it, so you'll have the perfect result because it's also like a concealer, primer and illuminator. For the summer or beach look, you can use just this cream with out anything, it also has SPF 20 in it. 
Actually I've read so many articles now, that sunbathing lotions are harmful and may be the cause of skin cancer. Haha, I don't know what to believe anymore, because every day you hear something new or something is bad again for the health. Just going to say that, eat chocolate, use sun protectors or not, drink alcohol or don't but just have FUN, we all going to die one way or another. :D
'Deep' color


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