My favourite Da Vinci Mineral Foundation


Review:  I have used this product since October 2012 and I really like this. It's very easy to apply to your face and it takes only some minutes. It doesn't make your skin heavy or dry and is made of natural ingredients. This mineral foundation will mix naturally with your skin tone and gives you perfect result. I myself recommend this for everybody (no matter of the age), especially if you have troubles with your skin or you just love amazing feeling on your face. This is also perfect for the summer because of its lightweight and sun protective features.
To use this product you need kabuki or powder brush. Under the foundation you just apply your everyday cream and that's it. My mineral foundation color is MF-21 Luxury.

About this product:

1. Very skin friendly
2. Does not contain : oil, vax, preservatives, dyes or perfums/aromas. Also doesn't contain talc which is bad for the skin (many popular make up brands products have talc in it - which is the main bacterial birth place).
3. It improves acne and is good for inflammationof the skin, does not cause allergies.
4. People who are have very sensitive skin can use this as well.
5. Can be used after medical surgery.
6. Consists of UVA and UVB sun protectors.
7. Its long-lasting.

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