So, here I am, my second day in England. Yesterday we arrived firstly to London (Luton) airport. Then we took the bus so we could ride to centre of the London. I hadn't even looked at the city but London was like love at first sight. Destination where we are now is Hayling Island. It's peaceful and relaxing here. But trip to here was sooo long.
Hayling Island is a resort city, we can even see the palm trees here. People have the best cars and yachts in here. Sea is also like 5 minutes away from our house. Weather is quite warm, compared to Tallinn (like 10-12 degrees). Still one thing, that I haven't used to walk inside the house with outdoor shoes, but i'm getting there..  I like it here, people are friendly, air is fresh and everything is new..

Pictures coming soon.. :)


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