Back in Estonia ..

And here I am again in my hometown, sad but true. My face just changed in a second when we landed to Tallinn. The snow, cold air and so on.. everything seemed so gray. I wish we could have stayed in England little bit longer, 9 days wasn't enough. There was no snow, air was warm, everything seemed so sunny and fun. Actually I'd like to live in London, seriously, I loved it so much. Every day you see different people, fashion that is so varied, architecture, food (I love sweets :) ).. everything is new and exciting.
There was one thing in England (except London) that was little bit confusing.. to understand each people there, they all have their own accents and some of them you may not even understand at all, no matter how good your English is. But when time goes by you adapt with these accents.
The places that we were: London, Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth. Hayling Island was the main place, because we stayed there with my boyfriends family.
I'm so tired.. need to have a big rest.. because we had to spend the night in the airport, our flight was early in the morning.. I'm gonna go now.. :)



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