Aloha everyone!

Who has been to Hawaii before? We visited Oahu, and it was amazing! Especially the Northside of the island. The surfer's beaches are super cool and the fresh pineapple - YUM!

The Sun is super strong in Hawaii, unless you are really tan like the locals, you must re-apply SPF constantly. I burned just a little, but it went over quick. My skin has changed a lot since moving to San Diego. If I would've visited Hawaii while still living in Estonia, I would've died of sunburn! 

We went snorkeling, it was my first time in the ocean. I have a bit of a fear of the deep sea and heights, but I overcame my fear and it felt amazing! I would rather live in the ocean than on Earth, to be honest, it is so peaceful down there. All you can hear are turtles sing and the sweet tunes of the ocean. I am terrified of sharks, but being in the water actually made me hope that I could see one - not this time. 

Anyway, it was a beautiful quick trip, and hopefully can visit more parts of Hawaii very soon! 

Hugs to everyone!


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