Zion National Park

Hi loves! 

As it turns out, I am the worst blogger ever, because I don't blog anymore. I miss it though!
 I don't know what made me stop, I guess life is just busy, but never too busy to blog right?!
I am sorry!

It's been crazy times since March, still working from home and doing the best I can to stay safe from Covid-19. Unfortunately, we had to experience death from Covid-19 in our family, so I want to remind you to be extra safe out there. I know some things are hard to keep up with, but staying clean and protected shouldn't be new news to anyone.
 I am very grateful for still having a job and able to enjoy life during this time, but it hasn't been all marshmallows and pink skies.
I did turn 30 just last weekend, so cheers to the next decade ahead of me and to all my dear ones back at home in Estonia. I miss you all So much! 

After my surprise birthday party on June 20th, we went to Utah. My husband had business over there, and while working from home it doesn't really matter where I work from. Got to see beautiful views of Zion - the National Park in Utah and experience small-town characteristics in the USA.
My experiences with small towns are mostly from Estonia and they are one of the best experiences! 
This was definitely a familiar yet new feeling. I do love to see cows, horses, and sheep passing by while you drive, but Americans are just a bit different than Northern Europeans.
I do want to say, I think Zion is more beautiful than Grand Canyon in my opinion. The way you can drive through the park and experience one of the most amazing views - phenomenal!

What has been the best experience during these uncertain times for you?


(All pictures are originals, no time for photoshop.) 

 Happy puppy!

Got lost for a second on a dirt road :D 

Cheers to one of the most beautiful parks!


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