Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

It looks like I am posting every 3 months now, which has not been my intention, but it just happened. 
I have been just enjoying life without sharing too much. I don't even post on Social Media as often. I guess, the more mature you get, you understand to enjoy the present without sharing it with the rest of the world.

I am glad to write this post here today though. I want to let you know that I really appreciated 2019, it brought me so many great experiences and lessons in life. It definitely was a year filled with stepping stones. I started a new job in May, and doing something I really like - Social Media! Ironic right?! Stopped posting on my personal blog and focusing on work. So that means, I am still on Social Media platforms all the time.
I try to keep my eye on all the people who are important to me through all the channels, but sometimes being 10 hours behind, makes me forget some birthdays. If that happens, don't hold it against me. As soon as I remember, I bring it to my attention, because everyone needs a good wish for any day, right?!
When I get home though, I put my phone away, and focus on being home. I enjoy the quiet time, especially when it's chilly outside and you have a nice dinner with some wine while enjoying the fireplace and cuddles from the dog and your significant one.

Another awesome thing happened 2 months ago. I got a new amazing car! So proud of myself!
 When I moved to the States alone, I basically started my life all over again. Every step I have taken in my 4 years here, is very important for me. 
Sometimes you forget how far you have become, so I have started to pay more focus on the things I have and have accomplished. You get what you put out there is what the say, but sometimes you have to take the moment to appreciate what you already have.

Let's not forget that I visited my hometown as well in July, 2019. It was great 3 weeks being back in Estonia and Stockholm! I enjoyed being home at my dad's house the most, because it is truly peaceful there and I missed our dog so much. It was a heart melting moment when she saw me after 4 years, that tail wagged for 3 weeks straight! Oh the joy! 
Anyway, it was fun writing, but I will get back to my day now. Hope your 2019 was wonderful and this one even better!

Happy New Dreams. New Days. New Desires. New Ways. And Be Good!

Hugs! ღ

Cheers to 2020!


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