Hi Loves,
I am sorry for not been blogging this Summer, I have been focusing on other things in my life.
I owe you a post about Europe as well, but first things first. 

In this picture, exactly 4 years ago today I arrived in the U.S. for the first time. It was a bliss to see actual palm trees growing in a natural environment in St. Petersburg, Florida. I spent a week in Florida until I officially moved to California, San Diego to be exact.

At this moment, I had no idea what was waiting for me. I had no idea how the real American culture is because most of everything you see in the movies is just Hollywood.

I didn’t know when people greeted you with “Hi, how are you?”- they are actually interested having a conversation with you. I didn’t know how firmly Americans appreciate their traditions and believe in their country. I sure didn’t know that Trump was going to be the president (but who knew that anyway). There was so much I didn’t know but oh boy how much I’ve learned these past 4 years. The list of ‘I didn’t know’ goes on, but I’ll tell you a bit about the things I have learned.

I’ve learned to have conversations with random people in the grocery stores and on the street just because. I have learned to open up more and to become a softer human being. I’ve learned to be less direct, because it can be translated as arrogant. I’ve learned to enjoy driving to places because it takes a drive to get to anywhere in California, even to the grocery store. I’ve learned not to make unexpected U-turns in traffic.

I’ve learned the importance of Family and big family events. I’ve learned that San Diego has the best Mexican food in the country, and not to eat too much junk, because it will give you cellulite.
I’ve learned to drink all wine, because in California wine is necessary to cope with everything previously mentioned, but let’s be honest, that applies to the rest of the world as well. ;)
I’ve learned to forgive easily because everyday is a new day.

As I could go on and on with both of the lists, what’s the most important thing I’ve learned so far?
I’ve learned to be more patient and kind because of the people around me.
I’ve learned how patience and kindness will take you farther than anything else in life. I am still learning, but am proud of myself and the woman I have become. 🥂


  1. Did you move there with somebody or were you just alone looking for a job and trying to have a new life? :) That's a lovely story though.


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