Happy New Year

Happy New Year loves!

As you know, I am the worst with timing. It's been a very crazy schedule until now.
 My mom was visiting from Estonia and it was constant activities until today. 
Right now, I am laying on the couch, drinking my coffee and pretending to watch football with the boys. This weekend is time to relax and rewind.

It was so nice to have time with my mom, I hadn't seen her since the wedding. She stayed for 2 weeks and left right before the New Years.
This Summer I am planning to visit Estonia, it's been over 3 years!!! My husband has never been to Northern Europe, so it will be a great experience for him as well. Can't wait!

We spent New Years Eve in Mexico, did you do anything fun?

Wishing you a year filled with great experiences, new opportunities and most important of all, 

Big Hugs for 2019!


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