California for Christmas

Hi loves, 

How 's your December going?
As some of you know, we flew my mom to California for Christmas. She arrived on Saturday from Tallinn. Her luggage didn't make it on time, but fortunately they brought it to us last night.

I loooove Christmas and miss the snow, but I am glad my mom is here to celebrate the holidays with us.
We had our annual Christmas party at our house with my husband, the theme was 'Estonian Christmas' this year.
I made mulled wine, gingerbread, cookie cake and lots of other traditional snacks for the party. 
My husband makes a great Trivia host by the way, in case anyone's hiring, lol!

As usual, I can say with confidence that everybody loves mulled wine, life would be dull without it.

I love giving back around holidays, what do you love to do?

It looks like I have a belly on this picture, not what you are thinking about.. It's all the cheesecake and cookie cake I had.

FYI 20 people are missing from the picture. I guess they were around the mulled (glögg) wine.

Love my friends & family.

More pictures on Instagram @helenalukk



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