I Take Mondays Seriously

Hi Loves,

I realized that I haven't blogged since September, so embarrassing!
I guess I have been enjoying life and Fall because it's my favorite season. Although it doesn't get that cold in California, I still put my mind to it. It's so funny when I have my fall boots on and people walk around in flip flops, like really!? California is still too casual for me, I'd love to dress up every day, but then people look at you like you are weird. I miss Europe!
I can't wait to visit home next year, I finally received my Green Card and am able to travel again. YAAAY!
We went to Mexico last weekend just to feel the freedom, hah. I will be blogging about Mexico on my next post. Right now I want to share some photos my friend took off me.
She came all the way from Estonia to take pictures of me and Californian sunsets. ;)

Talk to you soon.

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