Estonia 100

Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään, 
kui mind eestlaseks loodi. 
Eestlane olla on uhke ja hää 
vabalt vaarisa moodi. 
Jah, just nõnda, vabalt vaarisa moodi.

Hi loves! 
Estonia was celebrating the 100th year of independence on February 24th. Yay!
I took my husband to the Estonian house in Los Angeles and celebrated it with other Estonians. 
It was my first time being there and I was really glad we went. The funniest things was, people thought my husband is Estonian.
We were served lunch and drinks after the ceremony. The food and desserts were Estonian and made my mouth drool. They served the same cake which was served at the Presidential Reception in Estonia. Having a shot of Viru Valge (vodka) after 2,5 years was phenomenal as well, hah!

I will try to make it to the Estonian house at least once a month. I would love to join their choir and perform with them, so we'll see how that will turn out. 
I do wish we would have a Estonian community in San Diego as well, it would be so much easier to commute. 
If anyone reading my blog knows Estonians living in San Diego, please let me know! 
I do know 2 people who I am keeping in touch with, but would like to discover them all, if any.

Have a good week you all!
Big hugs.

 Making Estonian friends
                                               Vana Tallinn, coffee and hand made truffles


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