Washington D.C.

Hey loves,

Hope you are doing well! I have been a terrible blogger for the last 3 months, I am so sorry!
There's something I want to share with you today.
I talk to my dad probably like 3 times a week, but yesterday he told me that my sentence construction in Estonian has totally changed.
Honestly, I am having difficulties expressing myself in my first language. It has been 2,5 years since I moved to the States, but it feels longer to me. I am getting a little worried, any help? 
I started thinking in English about a year ago, but every once in a while I remind myself to think in my mother language, but I fail.
I will always be proud of where I am from and I want to teach my kids Estonian as well.
I guess I have to bother my friends more often to speak proper Estonian with me.
I am probably taking this too seriously though, and can't be too worried about it. It's like riding a bike or driving a manual - you will always know how.

Anyways... we spent last weekend in Washington D.C. My husband was working on the East coast so I flew from San Diego to D.C. to enjoy some time together.  I was excited to see some snow, but instead we got a sunny weather and just a little bit of ice. I had only been to the D.C. airport, so it was very interesting to sightsee and see more.
Everything you see from the movies, seems so much smaller in reality though..

Have a great weekend!

Lincoln Memorial

The location of "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King in 1963.

 The Congress
The White House

Old Ebbitt Grill
White on white


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