27 IT IS


Yesterday was a good day, I got old-er.. 
We went to this Mexican restaurant called ' El Torito' with my friend. Since my husband is away for work, I thought it would be nice to just have a simple dinner with my girl and then have a little celebration this Saturday. 
El Torito is a great restaurant, the staff was so nice and the food was great, especially the margaritas! When my friend went to the waitress to ask a birthday dessert for me - my husband had already called in and asked the same. That was so sweet of them and especially when everybody sang a song for me. I didn't feel like it was my birthday at all, but after that surprise it kinda hit me. 
Every day there's so much to do, we got a new puppy to take care of now as well. I promise to make a post about him and write more. He is the cutest!!!
The weather has been so nice, my skin gets so much darker here in California. The Sun feels so different here. If the temperature would be the same in Europe, I would most likely die. :)
I remember visiting Rome when it was 42 degrees and thinking to myself "how can they survive"?

Alright, enjoy your day!


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