Hello loves!
I owe you all a big apology for being away for so long. The last time I blogged was in the beginning of December, oops!
Let me tell you what has been going on since then. First of all there was Winter Ball - another charity event for the kids to raise money and bring them toys. 
Then we had Christmas with my boyfriends family. It was one of the biggest Christmas for me because it's not so traditional to have so many family members celebrating it all together in Estonia. For me it's rare, but I appreciate it a lot. Also, got spoiled with presents - felt like a kid again. 
Thank you all.
After Christmas there was New Years. We decided to go to downtown and get a hotel in San Diego and just stay there for one night. Didn't plan on having the worst hungover on the first day of 2017! That was ridiculously funny how worthless me and my babe were. I didn't know if I wanted to die or die. Anyways, don't feel like doing that again, hah! 
Happy New Year By the Way! 
Head Uut Aastat!

After New Years, what did we do? Got it. We went to the annual Beer Festival in San Diego. This event brings people together who enjoy different beers and ciders. I enjoyed it more last year though, because they had more ciders to choose from, lol. Seriously though. 
From here, been exploring, been sick, organizing the house. I've had this silly cold for a long time, but last week it really took me down. My babe got it first and I was the next one. This flu season is getting on my nerves already. It's been raining a lot here and  the weather is not really warm. Nights are cold and every once in a while there's a sunny day, but that's about it. Can't wait for March when it's going to be really nice again. In the Summer I can tell you again how Hot it is here. Haha. 

How's your new year so far? I hope it's going great. 

Kallid Paid.


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