Hi loves!

Hope everyone is doing awesome this holiday season. 
It was my second Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Christmas is already in 3 weeks, woah! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, but I like the tradition here. I think family is really important and if there are more holidays for families to come together and celebrate is great.
Oehh, wish My mom and dad would be here!

On Saturday we went to the annual charity event called 'Teddy Ball'. It is the same event like 'Bunny Ball', where we went to this Spring, but with a different theme. People come together dressed up and collect teddy bears for children in need for Christmas. We enjoyed the event and had fun with friends. 
Oh, just remembered that Santa was there too, so I got to whisper my wishes to him..

I wish you all a peaceful time for this last month we have in 2016. Let's make good decisions and keep up the positive attitude. A lot is happening, so I hope we stick together and enjoy every moment with each other. 

Lots of Hugs.


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