When Estonians Meet Again

Hi loves!

I saw my friend a bit more then a year ago when I dropped her off for a flight to the United Arab Emirates. It's so cool to have close friends working as flight attendants, because they have a better chance to visit when you live so far away from your home country. 
We had a good 2 days together, but it wasn't enough of time and we had to run through every plan we had made. We had a great night with friends in downtown though and she got to do her first tattoo in San Diego. 
I am glad I got to see her and hopefully my other loves will get the chance to fly 8000 miles here as well, even if it's only for a day.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, I am headed to Vegas for this one. Hopefully will get back safe because it's my first time, hah!

Lots of Hugs.


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