Hi everyone!

Who has been to Montréal in Canada? Such a beautiful city, with a big influence of Europe. I felt like being in Tallinn, the city is much bigger though, but the architecture and over all feeling was kinda the same - the cobblestone streets in old town, the buildings, etc.
People were nice and polite. In Montréal, 60% of the population speaks French, 20% English and the rest is other nationalities. I've never been to France, but Montréal had me feeling like I have. There's a lot of similarities with France as I learned from the tourist guides. 
The Marriott hotel we stayed in had a beautiful view from the 33rd floor and it was right in downtown.
After being in Canada for 4 days, got back to the U.S. and went to Vermont for blueberry picking. Wanted to do the corn maze as well, but it was too late for that. Vermont has one of the biggest corn mazes in the States. 
I know I mention this a lot, but East coast is so similar to Estonia. My home country is really flat though, but the nature is the same: the flowers, the trees, different plants, etc. 
I am happy I got this chance to be in the East coast for the Summer, I had a great time here and also learned a lot in the past 3 months. 
This year abroad has been completely different and life changing for me, I have been to places I never thought that exist. I am blessed and grateful to have experienced it all. I also appreciate my home country more then before. Being away for a year, makes you understand the reality, but also since it's been so much like Estonia here, I feel much better and happier going back to the palm trees - Home


I love this kiddo

Saint-Catherine street
Museum of Fine Arts

Here, chick chick ..



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