London Vibes with BERGIE

Last Summer I bumped into Birgit in H&M (Estonia) and got curios about her plans for the next year. She was so excited and told me about going to London. It was about the same time when I decided it's finally time to go the States for me.
I felt more inspired because I love people who want to see the world and challenge themselves like me. 
I felt like she had the same motivation like I did and here we are, rockin' it in London and California at the same time, how cool is that?!

I had some questions for my friend Birgit about her blog. 

 1. Why and when did you start blogging?
So my official blog is more than a year old now. But I actually created it years ago but I never shared anything about it. It was kinda my personal diary if you can say so. But because fashion has always been a big passion of mine I decided I want to share it with rest of the world as well. I love how I can express myself through my blog and say out what I think about things. 

 2. What is your main focus on your blog? 
My main focus has been fashion but because I moved recently then it has become more of a lifestyle blog.

3. Why London? 
So many people have been asking this question and I just simply can't explain the feeling I have here, it has always felt so different and I knew since the first moment I visited this place that I want to live here some day. Feels like home feels like freedom and feels like everything is possible. This place just inspires me in a daily basis.

4. What is your favorite part / place in the world? 
I think it's my countryside in Estonia, the most peaceful place in the entire world where you can escape from everything and just enjoy the quiet nature.

 5. Where do you get the most influence from? 
To be honest I get a lot of influence from Instagram and from the streets when it comes to my outfits.

 6. What is your favorite style / outfit you’d wear every day? 
Biker boots, ripped black denim trousers, white t-shirt, a baseball cap, and sunglasses.

 7. Where do you want to travel next? 
I want to travel to LA or Italy.

8. What is your aspiration in life? 
My aspiration I think is to live a fulfilling life, to be sure that when I'm 60 years old and look back I did everything I ever dreamed of, visited all the places that I wanted, lived every day with happiness. Never let fear take the control over my life and was an inspiration to more than 10 persons. 

 9. What do you care about the most? 
It will always be my family and closest friends. I'm such a people person that it's hard to live without my soulmates.

 10. If you’d have one last day on earth, what would you do and what would be your message to the world? 
I would like to spend it with my buddies and just fool around, have the biggest laughing cramps, eat chocolate and dance to Rihanna-Work (I love that song) :D.

She had questions for me as well, check Her blog from Here. 

Maybe I'll see her in LA soon.



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