Hey loves!

I have always thought of getting my eyebrows done permanently because it takes so much time to get them perfect every day. I heard good stories about the WunderBrow so I gave it a try. I like this product because it stays on longer then a regular pencil or some other color. It's easy to apply and the color is perfect. I got the one in Brunette. I may be natural blonde but I like my brows a bit darker. 

WUNDERBROW is a new solution which allows women to easily fill, define and shape their brows with natural looking color that lasts until they decide to take it off. WUNDERBROW gives the convenience of the perfect brow, at home, and in one easy step.

Traditional brow pencils, powders can be hard to apply, have multiple steps, can lock unnatural and don't stay in place or last throughout the day. Some women are so desperate to brows they go to the extreme of "eyebrow tattooing." This process certainly lasts but often looks unnatural, is painful and expensive.

The ethylene / propylene / styrene copolymer found in WUNDERBROW is used as a viscosity-increasing agent to achieve a gel-like consistency, thus stabilising the formula. The flexible matrix created by Permafix technology locks the fibers onto your brows making them look natural and last throughout a day.

Read more and order it from here: http://www.wunder2.com/us/products.aspx

 I also ordered a monthly Glam Bag from ipsy. I just got the bag today so haven't had the chance to try the products yet. I will keep you posted if I am happy or not.

Alright, enjoy your weekend.


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