Heyyy all!
I had a great time this Saturday on Halloween. It was my first real one in the States. Went to a house party in Solana Beach. The location was so beautiful and the house looked amazing - thank you for the host! After that I went to downtown with some other friends. The streets were crazy, there were so many people out there and everyone was pretty much phucked up. Though, I think that Halloween is a bit overrated and should be just trick or treating not drink and weeding - HAHA I have no idea where this came from.  
I was the doll from the Saw movie (Billy the Puppet) last year, so I thought I should not look so ugly this year. It was pretty hard with the wings though - they got stuck in everyone's face - Sorry! Anyways, had a great time with everyone, appreciate the good times. 
Enjoy the November and take care!


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