Sitting here at the Amsterdam airport, my plane leaves around 8 PM. Didn't have the best weekend though, my lovely wallet got stolen from Amsterdam. I was so angry and pissed and sad at the same time, still am, but nothing left to do now. I am never going to the Gay Pride again, it was not my intention at all, just happened. 
Can I just go to somewhere where I could dive into the blue and never have to get dressed again. Feeling kinda blue here, sorry.
Hugs for me this time.

Oh, one beautiful thing from the Van Gogh museum:
" The sky, a deep blue, was flecked with clouds of a deeper blue than primary blue, an intense cobalt, and with others that were a lighter blue - like the blue whiteness of milky ways. Against the blue background stars twinkled, bright, greenish, white, light pink - brighter, more glittering, more like precious stones than at home - even in Paris. So it seems fair to talk about opals, emeralds, lapis, rubies, sapphires. "


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