May 5th

Hey guys! Oh, I had a crazy situation yesterday, someone hacked to my google and gmail system. Oh the joy, when people started to call me at 8 AM in the morning, asking if I am okay. Well done hackers, hope you are satisfied now. I was so pissed off!!! Thankfully I got into my mail in the end and changed every little detail I could, but all of my info is gone except the contacts. 
How stupid these people are that they think someone will send money through Western Union. Hope they learned their lesson and go to work instead stealing people's identity.
Anyway, it's my dad's birthday today emember (and Chris Brown's too - haha, I will remember this forever). 
Picked these beautiful flowers (Primula veris) for today, I am so corny, I know.
Have a beautiful Tuesday loves!

 Yesterday's casual look. I love these pants, they are super comfortable. (from Ginatricot )


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